Helping Veterans



Blacksmithing is a centuries old skill that has made everything from horse shoes to nails.  Blacksmithing has began to come back into popularity as a hobby and craft over the last few decades giving people a new hobby to escape our fast moving generation of today and offer hand created items.

What All We Use


We use good old fashioned coal forges, hand crank blowers, steel, and anvils.  Working the anvils is similar to punching a bag over and over.  Our old school method allows our veterans to use the old style equipment that the men of past generations have used. 

Our Facility


We offer a quiet secure, and safe environment including flexible hours for our veterans to come work with their hands.  This is hands on work with no text books, classrooms, or lectures.  

Common Purpose


Veterans have a lot in common.  A few of those traits are building things with our hands, creating something for a purpose, and being around other veterans.  This helps us keep our minds busy while being with our brotherhood. 

Our Affiliations


How to Sign Up


Its very simple to join our mission.  Just contact Don Johnson at 918.510.7074 or email at