About Us


Don Johnson started Forge of Honor in 2014 on a mission to help Veterans with PTSD.  Being involved with several Veteran organizations he noticed veterans with PTSD that didnt have any type of hobbies to help keep their mind off the things that were affecting them.  That is when is got the idea to tie his passion for Blacksmithing to his passion for helping his fellow Veterans.  Don is a Native Tulsan, cub scout, boy scout, welder, blacksmith, and Veteran.  He served in the  US Navy Reserve 1966 to 1972. He gained his passion for teaching when he received his Commercial Pilots License and began teaching students to become pilots. Since Don has retired from American Airlines he has focused all of his attention into what is now known as Forge of Honor.   

Our Mission is to provide Free Introduction and Training in Welding and/ or Blacksmithing to Veterans and First Responders.  Through our mission we have been able to help Veterans and First Responders coping with PTSD learn a new hobby, keep their hands busy, their minds busy, and learn a new craft in a safe and secure environment.  Please review our FAQ page for any further information or feel free to call Don directly at 918.510.7074